Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24: Snowy Remains of Blizzard Past


Taken: 1/24/10

Day 23: Minion Power

Got Minion? Shalana does.

Taken: 1/23/10

Day 22: Lighted Concussion

One of my FAVORITE shots ever. :)

Taken: 1/22/10

Day 21: Jewelry Mix Up

My lovely plate I turned into a random pin collection.

Taken: 1/21/10

Day 20: Light & Dark

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot!

Taken: 1/20/10

Day 19: Lit Blossoms


Taken: 1/19/10

Day 18: iShoot

I had a lot of fun with this. Lighting was PERFECT but I think it looks better B&W.

Taken: 1/18/10

Day 17: Got Beads?

Some of Seriah's beads on her desk in a sparkly candle holder.

Taken: 1/17/10

Day 16: Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns in mine and Seriah's window.

Taken: 1/16/10

Day 15: DVD Fun

Some of my DVD collection.

Taken: 1/15/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: Pot At Mall

I was quite fascinated with the size of these pots outside of the mall's theater side entrance so I asked mom to take a picture of me with one of them. My brother Shelton is in the background.

Taken: 1/14/10

Day 13: Work Desk

The desk where I do my work.

Taken: 1/13/10

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12: Clearance Awesomeness

I'm quite the fan of gum. When I saw this for 75 cents I had to grab it. :) It has four full sized packets of gum inside.

Taken: 1/12/10

Day 11: Moot Memories

Photos on my dresser from both Moots I've attended.

Taken: 1/11/10

Day 10: Sunsetting Porches

Sunset from my front porch. This is not one of the more beautiful of the sunsets AZ has to offer, but it was pretty so I snapped it.

Taken: 1/10/10

Day 9: Christmas Remembrance

Ornaments I had hung on the chandeliers over our breakfast bar in the kitchen. We started taking down Christmas stuff.

Taken: 1/9/10

Day 8: Ocean Eyes and FMA

'Nuff said.

Taken: 1/8/10

Day 7: Sunset Vigil

The chandelier in our entryway and the sunset beaming in the windows.

Taken: 1/7/10

Day 6: Notes from Dearly Beloveds

My Moot 2009 notebook's back with messages from Mooters. I matted it as you can see, but I used white paper and CD covers for the matting.

Taken: 1/6/10

Day 5: My Love

My doll from Japan sitting on my Chinese calligraphy set [closed]with a crystal heart Stephen got me for Christmas. Also you can see part of Sting(it lights up when you swing it) and its box in the background.

Taken: 1/5/10

Day 4: iCharge

My iPod in Seriah's charger.

Taken: 1/4/10

Day 3: Christmas From Bree

My Christmas card from CleanPlacer Bree.

Taken: 1/3/10

Day 2: Friend

A plaque my siblings got me for my seventeenth birthday.

Taken: 1/2/10

Day 1: Musical Christmas

My family's piano with Christmas books I piled on it for the holidays from our family library. For some reason my sibs put their learning software up there. Didn't notice it till after I had taken the picture.

Taken: 1/1/10